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Hi there,
Thank you for stopping by to check out my blog. This is Praveena Gudipati. A happily married house wife, Mom to two lovely kids. I love to cook, which is obvious. My other interests apart from Cooking are, reading, painting and gardening. Love to read sci-fi, mystery novels. 

Before getting into cooking world, I was a science geek :-). I have done my Masters in Biotechnology from UC Irvine, California. Worked in research field for a while. When I took a break to take care of my boys, followed by relocation to other side of US, I had free time on my hand which made me chase after my passion, writing a cooking blog. So instead of experimenting with genes, I started experimenting with food, Lol! Seriously, cooking is kind of research too. Combining various ingredients, exploring flavors,manipulating recipes, troubleshooting failures and finally presenting a perfect recipe. Well now I don't wanna sound too geeky, Lol!

Now here is a flash back:-) which drove me towards cooking. When I got married and came to US, in 2001, my cooking knowledge was as good as making Maggie noodles and Tea :-). Since my Mom is well aware of that, she wrote a recipe book exclusively for me, with day to day dishes she makes at home. She used to measure ingredients, write down recipe, mention some tips and variations. That was my life saver for a long time and still is, sometimes. My Mom is a very good cook in our family. And the recipes used to turn out perfect. I shared those recipes with lots of my friends. So you see, cooking skills are in my genes, Lol! Can't get away from your genes. While Mom's cook book was a good start, eventually I have evolved and now, my Mom asks me for my recipes. A proud moment . 

About my blog:

Well I'm a vegetarian and I wanted to create a one stop cook blog with world vegetarian recipes. My focus is on creating healthy recipes. You will also find lots of Vegan, gluten free recipes on my blog. While I present many traditional Indian recipes on the blog, I also recreate them with healthy alternatives.I like to give step wise recipes, which are easy to follow even for cook-o-phobiacs. You can search for recipes using search box on the blog. Also surf through labels, archives at the bottom. All these recipes are tried, tasted in my kitchen.  

VeggiBites is on Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus, Instagram to make it accessible to everyone. When trying a recipe, if you have questions you can E-mail me at or leave message on Facebook. I will try to respond ASAP. Follow Veggibites for a healthy life style. 

If you like a recipe, pls leave a comment and share them with friends . It would lighten my day and boost up my efforts. 

Trying to make a Difference with one delicious recipe at a time. Go Herbivorous! 


  1. Hi Praveena,

    I just came across your blog and loved the way you are turning traditional dishes into healthy dishes. I also have toddler and a fussy eater. Can you also share some of toddler friendly breakfast ideas which are soupy. Yes you heard it right. I am working mom and don't have much time to feed my kid. If it is chewy food he takes long time and doesnt finish. So i want some ideas which are easy to swallow(soupy) and provide all the nutrients. However i loved your cranberry rasam.


    1. Hi there, Thank you for the compliment. I have a little one who behaves the same :-). So I understand your frustration. Will try to update suitable recipes under Kidzbites category.